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In acting, singing and dance classes led by experienced teachers such as Mirka Marčeková, Jana Hubinská, David Árva, Dominika Richterová, Rebecca Abrman, and others, we will encourage your talent and prepare you for musical productions, theatre or television auditions or admission exams.

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The Musical Academy sees itself as a form of study for singing, acting and dance. Every year a triple course awaits you, thanks to which you will gradually develop into a complex artist that is of interest to many directors or producers.  In addition, students have further opportunities to develop their skills in other dance courses at Riverpark Dance School or to attend the Dubbing School course, which you can find in the RDS course offer.


If you want to develop your talent and one day shine on the theatre stage, sign up for the Musical Academy course and take advantage of everything the Art House of RDS ART Group has to offer. Our successful graduates include Nela Pocisková, David Hartl, Kristína, Patrik Vyskočil and Alžbeta Bartošová, just to name a few.


Breathing, vocal and intonation lessons

Preparation for auditions, admission exams

Basics of acting, stage movement and expression

Opera, musical and pop compositions


The goal of our year courses is to systematically and regularly develop your acting, singing and dancing performance and to prepare you for professional work in the art world. The members register in a course year and are assigned to a group according to their age. The concept of the Musical Academy year courses is for children aged 6-16. Each group has classes twice a week that include all three components: singing, acting and dancing.

If the applicant is part of The Wave or Souljam dance groups or attends RDS dance courses, we take this dance component into account and the student does not have to attend dance courses as part of the Musical Academy.



Our singing lessons aim to improve the vocal technique, intonation and breathing for beginners or advanced students. Our classes focus on the world musical repertoire and pop music. The purpose of group singing lessons is to develop and work with the child's listening and intonation predispositions. Using the imagination of individual children, we will intonate sounds correctly, and develop the correct technique and healthy habits that are more than necessary for a singer to work on their vocals.


In addition to the development of individuality, we will also develop a very important component - being and working as a part of team. Singing lessons are led by Táňa Onderíková and Rebeka Abrman.


Join our acting classes and start the fulfilling your acting dream. Together we will start with the basics of acting, such as stage expression and movement, right script understanding, getting into the role and working the text. Acting classes help you open up your imagination, teach you how to improvise or gain acting experience. Stage fright is also associated with working in front of cameras or on stage. That's why in our courses we also focus on how to effectively overcome it on set. 


The youngest students gain a comprehensive insight into acting and adopt acting terminology. In the introductory part of the course, the older ones devote themselves to studying movement acting etudes, and later dialogues, until they create a dramatic character in the production of a play or a dramatic composition.

The aim of the class is to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling students to apply themselves to stage practice. Educators develop the student's acting dispositions based on their talent assumptions individually, in a group and in the entire course team. Preparation for individual lessons also includes homework, which is an essential part of this course. Group acting courses for children are led by Jakub Vajda and Peter Oravec. For adult applicants we offer the opportunity to attend an acting course with Janka Hubinská.


In the stage movement class, our instructor, Niki, will work with the children to improve their movement skills. You will learn how to use your body correctly so that you can use it optimally on stage. Since we teach all 3 components (acting, singing and dancing) at the Musical Academy, we will work on your movements not only from a technical but also from an artistic perspective.


Children learn to express emotions not only through facial expressions but also through movement, and we even discover how to use dance for storytelling. Since the aim of this course is to prepare the children for the music world stage, we create our own musical story together in class and thus gain the necessary experience for the professional art world.

In addition to the above-mentioned, we also offer individual lessons of Stage Speech, where you will focus on improving spoken expression, breaking down text logic or working with intonation and subtext.


Preparation for a performance, an audition, a competition or an entrance exam for the desired art school is important. That's why we have expanded the range of lessons to include individual singing or acting lessons, in which you can prepare thoroughly for every exam that awaits you together with Janka Hubinská or Mirka Marčeková. These students are not members of the Musical Academy and do not attend year courses with a singing, acting and dance triple combination. Also, they are not automatically part of the RDS ART Group's performances, which is only available for the Musical Academy members.



The Musical Academy also offers options to play musical instruments. We offer electric drum and piano lessons. Playing the drums gives you energy, relieves stress and deepens your concentration. 


If you would like to accompany yourself while singing on the piano, we will show you the magic of this musical instrument. When you play the piano you learn to perceive music better, you learn self-discipline and you also train your sense of timing. Individual lessons are available for both children and adults. If you are interested, contact our reception on 0910 373 373 or write us to muzikal@rdsartgroup.sk 


World-Class Instructors


You don't have to be an actor or a singer, but the power of your voice can still make a difference. Whether you're making an important presentation to a client or speaking at an important meeting or convention, your speech can be a key to success. Together we can go through all aspects of vocal expressions, such as intonation, vocal strength, relevance in sentences or working with the breath. If you don't know how to deal with stage fright, we will advise you on techniques you can use to deal with it without affecting your performance. Send us an email and we will arrange individual lessons for you! 

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