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In acting and singing classes led by experienced teachers such as Mirka Marčeková, David Árva, Dominika Richterová, Zuzana Hrvoľová, Dušan Kaprálik and others, we will encourage your talent and prepare you for musical productions, theatre or television auditions or admission exams.

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We are currently running courses with complex training for children, teenagers and adults. In addition, since we are now part of the RDS Art Group, a new opportunity opened to make further headway thanks to dance classes at the Riverpark Dance School. But don't worry; the Musical Academy isn't just for professionals. We welcome everyone who was “born to be on the stage”.


Our successful graduates include Nela Pocisková, David Hartl, Kristína, Patrik Vyskočil and Alžbeta Bartošová, just to name a few.

Breathing, vocal and intonation lessons

Preparation for auditions, admission exams

Basics of acting, stage movement and expression

Opera, musical and pop compositions


Our courses aim to improve the vocal technique, intonation and breathing for both professional artists and beginners or enthusiasts. We'll help you to warm up before performances, prepare you for a pro career, or just take your bathroom singing to a next level.


Our classes focus on the world musical repertoire, opera singing, but also pop music. Members of the Music Academy can choose between individual and group lessons. At the same time, we also offer a once-a-week course in which you can learn the basics of drumming, guitar accompaniment or playing the piano (keyboard).



Join our acting classes and start the fulfilling your acting dream. Together we will start with the basics of acting, such as stage expression and movement, and work right through to understanding the script, getting into the role and working the text. Stage fright is commonly associated with speaking in front of cameras or on stage. That's why in our courses we also focus on how to effectively overcome it on set. We offer our students an individual approach and anyone can attend the course, regardless of age.


Group courses are led by one of the biggest theatre legends, Dušan Kaprálik, or by young, talented actresses Dominika Richterová and Veronika Lackovičová.


Work on your talent with us, whether you're a budding artist or a pro. Our goal is to systematically develop your acting or singing performance through courses and to prepare you for professional work in the art world. We think of all ages and our courses are attended by both children and adults. We offer singing courses for children aged 4-8 or 9-12 years old. In acting courses, we train talents aged 5-8 years, 9 years and older. We also do not forget the importance of stage movement for children aged 5-8 years and from 9 years and older.

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Under the guidance of Mr Dušan Kaprálik, you can also choose the prep course for admission to art schools. We also offer one-to-one Stage Speech lessons, where you will focus on improving spoken language, breaking down text logic, and working with intonation, subtexts, or the language itself. We also offer discounted packages for those who want to take multiple courses at the same time. If you decide to take two courses, you can apply a 10% discount code when purchasing the second one. If you also choose the third course, you will receive a 20% discount on the third course. Combine acting, singing, stage movement courses or our children's dance courses from the Riverpark Dance School. Of course, we also think of those who attend individual singing lessons with us and can also claim a discount when purchasing another course.

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You don't have to be an actor or a singer, but the power of your voice can still make a difference. Whether you're making an important presentation to a client or speaking at an important meeting or convention, your speech can be a key to success. Together we can go through all aspects of vocal expressions, such as intonation, vocal strength, relevance in sentences or working with the breath. If you don't know how to deal with stage fright, we will advise you on techniques you can use to deal with it without affecting your performance. Send us an email and we will arrange individual lessons for you! 

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