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Here in the RDS, we offer dance classes and trainings for your whole family and all friends. However, both the dancing and the exercising deserve commitment. With us, you can be picky. We offer a choice of a monthly or three-month memberships, or a 10-entry season ticket. You can also buy a one-time ticket for an open dance class or training, for 8€. 

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In children's courses, children learn to love dance just as much as we do. Our offer focuses on Dance training (5-7, 8-9 years), in which children learn movement skills and master correct posture, Ballet (5-8 years), Jazz Basic (9-11 years), Modern Jazz (12- 16 years), Street Dance hip-hop courses (6-10 years) or Capoeira lessons (8-12 years). But dancing is no longer the only activity that children can choose from with us. Thanks to the merger with the Musical Academy, you can also try your hand at acting or singing courses.


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For those interested in practising a dance regularly and enjoying the sense of progress, we also offer adult dance classes. You can choose between Ballet (BEG or INT level), Hustle couple ballroom dancing that originated in New York clubs in the 70s (BEG or INT level), Tango Argentino, based on the mutual perception of partners, music and their personalities (suitable for individuals and couples). or you can go back to our dance roots and choose Folk dances full of rhythm, temperament and aesthetics.

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Are you looking for a venue for your conference, workshop or event? Up your game! In our new premises, we offer you a unique atmosphere and professional service.

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