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The RDS Art Group offers many opportunities for interesting events, dance workshops and dance battles, sports events, television projects, video clips of well-known artists, fashion shows and exhibits, as well as corporate meetings and lectures The variety of colours and materials gives this place unlimited creative possibilities to camera lenses. We believe that this place in the centre of Bratislava will become the home of many creative people, dancers and all who want to make their dreams come true.

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Performances and recording studio

Halls with thematic design
and a beautiful view

Each of the halls has its own design and is intended for dance, yoga or strength and fitness trainings. "Atlas", the spacious yoga hall, offers a recreation space where you can relax and recharge your batteries. At the back there is a massage cabin with shower. The interior made of wooden elements completes the unique atmosphere. The ballet studio is decorated in pure white colours with mirrors and a coloured piano. Its surface consists of white balletizol, which fits into the overall concept of the feminine principle. The other two halls will attract you with colourful neon walls and ceilings combined with black paint and wooden floors. There is a sound system in each hall. You can rent our halls for an hour, half a day or a whole day. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities and available dates with you. Just write to us at booking@rdsartgroup.sk or fill out the form below.

Event space
with gallery

The art house also includes a spacious event room with a gallery. The high industrial ceiling makes it possible to organise all types of events here. It has a large mirrored hall and brown balletizol. There is a back space attached to it for any preparations needed. The gallery with surrounding balcony is a perfect place for an exhibition with a beautiful view for the attendees, or as a spot for catering. On the side there is a balcony overlooking the Bratislava Castle and the historical Old Town. There is ventilation around the perimeter and plumbing in the back. The capacity of the hall with a gallery is 300 people.  


RDS Art Group
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Recording studio

PR eventy

Photo shoots, filming


Immerse yourself in the creative environment of the Art House of RDS Art Group thanks to our recording studio. It is a professional and high-quality specialized recording studio, where we focus on recording, music production and post-production. We are ready to offer services to advertising agencies, artists, presenters, as well as common people who have ambitions to take their projects to a higher level. If you are interested, write to studio@rdsartgroup.sk and we will be happy to look at your request. 


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Gym – fitness room

In addition to the dance halls, RDS Art Group also has a soft surface fitness room, perfect for to come get fit. The room is equipped with boxing mats, free weights, cardio equipment, but also offers many opportunities for bodyweight exercises or group training. 

If you are interested in renting the fitness room, please contact our reception at recepcia@rdsartgroup.sk




Experience team building with your colleagues that you not forget easily. In our Art House, we would be happy to help you prepare activities according to your wishes. As part of the program, you can experience the energy of dance classes, boxing, and yoga, or treat yourself to a massage. You can also try your hand at high-altitude acrobatics with your colleagues, where you fly gracefully on fabrics. Transform yourself into voice actors with your colleagues in the recording studio or sing the company anthem or your favourite song. The Art House of RDS ART Group becomes a place where you can forget your work problems and have great fun with your colleagues If you are interested, write to booking@rdsartgroup.sk


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