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Give your body a quality restart

We have expanded the range of services of the RDS ART Group to include several types of massage because we know that the body needs a reset in addition to physical activity. Treat yourself to relaxation after a workout or a hard day at work. We also think of parents whose children regularly train with us and offer them a way to effectively use the time they spend waiting for their child. We are open to everyone who wants to spend some quality and relax time. All you have to do is book an appointment at reception 48 hours in advance. 

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Types of massages

Book a massage according to your taste. Our selection includes:

  • classic massage,
  • sport massage,
  • relaxing massage,
  • bank therapy
  • maderotherapy.

Whether you are interested in a full body massage or a back and neck massage is up to you. We have our range of masseurs who have extensive experience and will pinpoint all your problematic areas. Massage prices start at €35 for 30 minutes, but you can of course also choose a 60 or 90-minute full-body massage. For more information, please contact our reception.


Pavel Očoveji

He started massaging while studying at the Secondary Medical School in Serbia. As a masseur, he has the opportunity to help people. It is work that fulfils him and he plans to continue to improve at it. He worked in the Rehabilica rehabilitation centre in Bratislava, where he gained important experience.

Veronika Valachovičová

Veronika's maderotherapy is not an ordinary massage, but primarily a therapy that treats your lymphatic system. It plays an important role in everyone's body and is necessary for it to function properly. Maderotherapy is not just a massage - it will tone your skin and eliminate cellulite.

Zuzana Horňáková

She has been practising maderotherapy for over a year. Since she had previously been engaged in pedicures and foot massages for 9 years, this type of massage was very interesting for Zuzka. Through this therapy, she helps both men and women with various health complications.

Viktor Čepček 

If you want to achieve your movement goals, you have to give your body and mind enough rest. Viktor began studying at the massage school to understand his body and its mechanisms to help him keep his balance. He specializes in relaxing oil, sports and myofascial massages or a combination of these.

I am interested in a massage 

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