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The Slovak Dance Theatre, an independent dance and theatre company based on a project system without a permanent artistic operation, as described by its co-founder Ján Ďurovčík, resides alongside the RDS Art Group. Its main task is to spread theatrical art not only into towns and cities all over Slovakia, but also beyond its borders.


Currently, we are collaborating with the best artists of the Slovak dance scene, and our repertoire includes several titles of total theatre in which we combine music, dance and acting elements.


About us

During our existence, we have performed more than 200 times in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and in the cities of Central Europe. As the only dance company of this kind, we premiered the work of Ján Ďurovčík in the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain. In the 2008/2009 season, we took part in the Firebird World Tour with performances in New York, London, Krakow, Amsterdam, Bytom and Antwerp.


The theatre enables the professional development of dancers, singers and actors. It is based on the principle of equal rights for dance with other theatre genres and offers space to young talents who are interested in improving their movement culture.




Among our performances you will find, for example, the ballet Petrushka/The Firebird – a masterpiece of Russian era, which message is still relevant today. Stories inspired by William Shakespeare – Romeo + Juliet or Richard III, or the dance theatre Carmen, which becomes an audiovisual experience directly on stage through the combination of dance and orchestra. Our plays also include the opera and ballet “Labuťko”, inspired by the scenery of the Swan Lake ballet, Bolero - the mother's story, or the special project The Tree. Our repertoire also includes musicals such as West Side Story, Grease, “Na skle máľované”, “Bambuľka” and many others.


Recent works include the Slovak adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical School of Rock and the powerful merge of dance and music performed by the Gypsy Devils in the “Cigáni idú do neba” production.


Škola ro(c)ku
Vták ohnivák
Bolero - Príbeh matky
Rómeo a Júlia
Richard III.

Najbližšie hráme

★ May 29 (Sunday) 7 p.m. Cigáni idú do neba 

★ June 4 (Saturday) 7 p.m. Romeo + Juliet (Finale)

★ June 6 (Monday) 7 p.m. Romeo + Juliet

★ June 7 (Tuesday) 7 p.m. Romeo + Juliet


You can buy tickets for our shows at:






Ján Ďurovčík has been working with his group of dancers for a long time. If they are looking for new dancers for upcoming shows, they will announce a conditional audition.


Our dancers from dance groups The Wave and Souljam also have the potential to become SDT members. This happened at the performances of School of Rock or “Cigáni idú do neba” where girls and boys from both dance groups performed. 


“We currently hold no open spots or ongoing auditions for our shows. Should there be any change, we will update the information."

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