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At the beginning of this story there were three young girls who loved dancing and wanted to do nothing else. The group Lollipops was formed and began to grow right away. Today we have more than 80 children of all ages who compete with the group locally and abroad, or perform in the theatre or at various events. However, they are no longer the sweet Lollipops – they jumped on the wave of hard work and so The Wave by RDS ART was born. 

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Training with style

In the training sessions, experienced instructors teach you choreographies that include modern and jazz dance or show dance. The Wave group competes in these dance styles in domestic and foreign competitions. Gymnastics also has its place here, which is an integral part of the training process because it builds flexibility (modern gymnastics) and strength (fitness gymnastics).


We train 3-5 times a week depending on the skill level and the dancers are divided into groups by age: Mini (4-7 years), Children (8-11 years), Junior (12-15 years) and General (15- 32 years). You can join us based on an audition or a trial lesson.

The stage is ours

With us you will train for domestic and foreign competitions, but also for various interesting events, co-operations and theatrical performances. For example, we performed at the Bratislava Fashion Days, the opening of the exhibition “7 hlavných hriechov a 7 cností” on Slovak Radio or at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Festival in Xbionic Sphere. We also took part in the integration project “Slnko svieti na všetky deti rovnako”. 


We shot various video clips, but also films like “Šťastný nový rok”. Our dancers also tried their hand at the stage plays of the musical “Škola ro(c)ku” or the production “Cigáni idú do neba”. With us you will be a part of different performances, each of which will have its own charm, and you will leave with memories and experiences for a lifetime.



The Wave diligently prepares for the competition season each year. From the 2021 Slovak Championship we took home 8 Slovak Champion titles and also achieved 20 2nd and 3rd winning places. The European Championships of 2021 were held online but that didn't deter us and we won two European Championship titles from the competition in the Children's Modern Formation and Junior Jazz Duo categories. Our children and junior modern groups took 2nd places both. 


We have also won several gold, silver and bronze medals in other competitions such as Showtime Dance, Dance Group of the Year, Movement Without Barriers, Saltare Orbis, ME Showdance Genoa (ITA) and others.


The Wave - Showreel
Zastav myšlienky
Výstava 7 hlavných hriechov a 7 cností
Zvieratá nesmú byť zneužité pre zárobok
Integrácia Čarovný les
Neposlušné gorálky
LolliCup 2020
Take it to the top
Hollywood Dance Camp


The Wave is a dance group that keeps dancing even after the trainings are done. Members of our group have free entry to all open classes offered by Riverpark Dance School and they can also join the Musical Academy adding singing or acting to their dancing. Every year we organise various workshops with well-known foreign and local choreographers who develop the movement vocabulary of our dancers. We were honoured to welcome talents such as Jan Ravnik, Hope Maimane and Bryan Rone.


Every summer we organise a week-long dance and sports camp – Hollywood Dance Camp. This year it will be held in Malacky from 17.07. until 23.07.2022. You can register by sending an email to camp@rdsartgroup.sk



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