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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is the Riverpark Dance School still located on the Dvořákovo nábrežie?

    The Riverpark Dance School is located in the centre of the Old Town at Laurinská 14 and here you will find all dance lessons, classes and courses. Thanks to the merger with the Musical Academy, we also offer lessons and courses in singing and acting. 

    The former premises on the Dvorakovo nabrezie now houses the wemove studio, where you can rent dance halls at www.wemove.sk 



  • 2. Where can I park near Laurinska Street?

    Near Laurinska Street you can park on the adjacent streets or in the Garage Opera, where you get discounted parking for 4 EUR for the first 2 hours. The parking ticket is validated by our girls at reception.

  • 3. What classes can I use the Multisport card for?

    The Multisport card is valid for all morning classes from Monday to Friday. You can use it directly at reception without having to reserve the class in advance. 

  • 4. How do I book an open class?

    The open classes are marked in our timetable as “OH” in the upper right corner of the field for the respective class.


    Rozvrh hodín - OH


    Order of steps:

    1. Log in to the account you created: https://www.rdsartgroup.sk/prihlasenie
    2. Open the “Timetable” section in the upper right corner of the website: https://www.rdsartgroup.sk/rozvrh-hodin?kategoria=tanecne-hodiny
    3. Click the “Book” button in the selected open class field.
    4. Select the desired date of your reservation and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on the “Book with payment” button – in this step you will be automatically redirected to the payment gateway where payment must be made. If you have already purchased a membership/season ticket from us, the page will redirect you to the next step. You will receive confirmation of a successfully processed reservation and confirmation email about payment receipt.

  • 5. How do I purchase a membership and season ticket?

    Order of steps:

    1. Log in to the account you created: https://www.rdsartgroup.sk/prihlasenie 
    2. Click on the “Shop” button in the top bar: https://www.rdsartgroup.sk/public/eshop
    3. Select the type of membership or season ticket and click the “Buy” button.
    4. Choose whether you want to continue shopping or proceed to the shopping cart
    5. To proceed to the shopping cart, you must enter the delivery details and pay for the respective service via the payment gateway. You will receive a confirmation email.

  • 6. Can I cancel my already booked class?

    Yes, you can cancel the booked class 12 hours prior its start. If you have a season ticket, your entry fee will be credited back to you. If you have paid for the lesson directly, it will be added to your profile as a credit that you can use in the future.

  • 7. Once I have purchased a membership, can I take part in all dance classes and lessons?

    You can use your membership twice daily for all open dance classes and lessons except: Aerial Silk. 

  • 8. What can I buy at reception?

    At the reception you can purchase beneficial  membership cards, and season tickets, but also gift vouchers for dance lessons, workout classes, singing and acting lessons in the Musical Academy, massages and maderotherapy or one-off lessons or entry to our fitness studio. At the same time, you can view and buy a large selection of dance and sportswear for children and adults here. We also think about drinking regime, which is why you can buy drinks, our functional RDS Art Group Royal water, but also delicious snacks at the reception. 

  • 9. How can I make a reservation?

    You can book a class directly via the timetable or on the respective subpages. However, you must be logged into your account. If you have not yet created an account, you can do so simply by filling out the basic details. You can then purchase a lesson either with a one-time entry or by purchasing a season ticket or membership card.

  • 10. How can I purchase a course?

    You can purchase the course directly via the timetable, the price list or directly at reception. We offer dance classes for both children and adults. 

  • 11. Can I register for the course after the course has already started?

    If there is still a spot available in the course, you can still register for the course after the course has started. You pay a fixed amount at reception and take part in the already ongoing course.

  • 12. Can I register for The Wave, Souljam or Krown dance group?

    You can sign up for The Wave, SoulJam or Krown dance group during the audition, which we usually hold twice a year. If you missed the audition, you can contact our trainers and come for a try-out later in the year. For further information contact us at: thewave@rdsartgroup.sk, souljam@rdsartgroup.sk orkrown@rdsartgroup.sk

  • 13. Are the premises in the former RDS on the waterfront still available?

    The former premises of the Riverpark Dance School on the Dvorakovo nabrezie is currently home to the Wemove studio, where you can rent dance halls for private purposes: workshops, dance lessons or exercises, filming or events. The Dance Bar is still in operation. All information can be found at: www.wemove.sk

  • 14. Is it possible to rent a dance hall or event room from you?

    Dance halls and event rooms can be rented from us for dance lessons, workshops, yoga or workout exercises or various events. In addition to dance halls, event rooms and a gallery, we also have a terrace with a view of Bratislava Castle or a recording studio on the 4th floor. Just write us an email at booking@rdsartgroup.sk and arrange a site tour. We will then send you a price offer.

  • 15. Is it possible to rent the recording studio space?

    Yes, the recording studio can be rented for podcast recordings, individual lessons or the recording of songs, tracks or synchronizations. Just email us at studio@rdsartgroup.sk to make an appointment and we will send you a price quote.

  • 16. Can we book an event performance?

    With our dance groups and the Musical Academy, we also offer performances at various cultural events, social events as well as corporate or other events, film productions and collaboration with artists. Just write us an email at booking@rdsartgroup.sk about your conditions and timing. 

  • 17. What capacity does the event room with the gallery have?

    The capacity of the event room with a gallery is 250 people. The hall in the event room is available for workouts, exercises or dance courses for around 50 people.

  • 18. Is it possible to go to the roof with a view of Bratislava?

    Access to the roof is possible if you have booked an event and its use has been agreed upon with the manager. Alternatively, also if a dance or workout class is taking place there.


  • 19. Can I wait for my child while they are the course?

    During the children's courses, you can wait at the reception with a good cup of coffee or in the hallway area near the elevator or take advantage of one of our dance or workout classes in the timetable or in the gym, so while you wait you can exercise, too. 

  • 20. Is it possible to apply to work as a instructor?

    We are open for new, top-class instructors all year round. If you are interested, send us your idea along with a link to your Instagram account and a description of the dance or workout class to hackerova@rdsartgroup.sk.

  • 21. Can your gym's facilities also be used outside of group exercise sessions?

    The rooms in our gym can also be used outside of group exercises for individual training, exercises during your lunch break or while you are waiting for the children in the course. All equipment as well as punching bags and cardio machines are available to you. To find out availability, you must contact the reception with whom you will arrange a gym reservation for a specific date. 

  • 22. Which classes are not covered by the season ticket?

    The season ticket is not valid for all 90-minute classes (Ballet and Aerial Silk) but you can use it for all 60-minute dance and workout classes as well as yoga sessions.

  • 23. How do the price list and its products work?

    If you want to purchase a membership card, season ticket or other product, you can do so after logging in directly to the website https://www.rdsartgroup.sk/en/prices. All you have to do is enter the product in your shopping cart and make the payment. It is important to register beforehand and log in as a user. Both the season ticket and the membership card will be credited to your account. 


  • 24. How can I book individual lessons at the Musical Academy?

    You can purchase individual singing or acting lessons from our actors and artists directly from the price list here: https://www.rdsartgroup.sk/en/prices

  • 25. Where can I leave a stroller or bicycle with you?

    The bike can be parked directly on the ground floor in the room next to the stairs. Simply lock it with a lock on the bars or use one of our locks. You can store your stroller or scooter there as well. The area is monitored by a CCTV, but we assume no liability for personal items. 

  • 26. How do I book a massage with you?

    You can book a massage by phone at our reception or by email at recepcia@rdsartgroup.sk. At the same time, you have the opportunity to purchase a gift voucher for your friends.

  • 27. How long is the season ticket valid for?

    The season ticket is valid for 3 months.

  • 28. What age limit do you have to attend open classes?

    Open classes (dance, workout, yoga) are available to everyone aged 15 and over. However, we also offer open children's classes in which we have lessons for ages 2 and up. 

  • 29. What does the abbreviation OH+ mean?

    Lessons lasting 90 minutes and lessons with an entry price higher than €9 are marked in the timetable with OH+. 

  • 30. When does the membership and season tickets begin?

    One-monthly, three-month memberships and a 3-month season ticket are valid on the day of purchase.

  • 31. How does the Musical Academy work?

    We have prepared a new study concept at the Musical Academy for theatre art enthusiasts. A student is enrolled into a course year and assigned to a group according to age. Each group has classes twice a week that include singing, acting and dancing. 

    If the applicant wants to prepare for auditions, competitions, entrance interviews or talent tests, we also included these in the RDS offer. Depending on the time available, you can arrange your own individual plan. 


    A) The student regularly attends group lessons in singing, acting and dance, which means he/she gradually develops into a complex artist who is of interest to many directors or producers.

    B) If the applicant at House of Arts is part of  The Wave or Souljam dance groups or attends RDS dance courses, we take this dance component into account and these members will pay reduced tuition fees. The prerequisite is attending group singing and acting lessons as part of the Musical Academy. 

    C) The student regularly attends group acting and dance lessons and also takes part in individual singing lessons. The instructor decides whether the child attends individual singing lesson as part of the Musical Academy depending on the applicant's disposition. 

     Every year, members of the Musical Academy take part in two theatre shows led by the RDS ART Group and well-known artists and directors, as well as in competitions, concerts and external events.


    This product is part of the RDS offering and includes individual singing or acting lessons aimed at those preparing for auditions, competitions, interviews or talent tests. The lessons are aimed at students aged 16 and over. These students do not take part in our performances, concerts or events. 


  • 32. At what age are singing-acting-dance classes at the Musical Academy intended for children?

    The MA concept is aimed at students between the ages of 6 and 16.

    Students over 16 can opt for individual singing lessons or individual or group acting class. These students are not members of the Musical Academy and attend classes from regular RDS offer. 


  • 33. What will be the price for the year of the Musical Academy in which the student attends the triple combination of singing, acting and dance?

    The tuition fee for the year of the Musical Academy is 120 € per month (group lessons in singing, acting, and dance).

    If the student attends: 

    - Dance lessons with the TheWave or Souljam groups or a dance course from the RDS offer, at the same time he/she takes part in group singing and acting lessons, the tuition fee is €80 per month

    - Group dance and acting lessons + individual singing lessons, the tuition fee is 195 € per month

    If siblings attend the Musical Academy, they are entitled to a 10% discount. 

  • 34. How can I register for the Musical Academy course year?

    You can apply for the Musical Academy course year through an audition. If you are interested, write to us at muzikal@rdsartgroup.sk

  • 35. What do I get after successfully completing the MA course year?

    The student gains experience during his/her studies by taking part in our performances, where we work with well-known names such as director Ján Ďurovčík. In addition, the RDS Art Group cooperates with casting agencies or television productions, consequently opening doors to show business for our students. A graduate of the Musical Academy therefore has the experience that directors or producers often need after completing their studies. After each year, students receive a certificate of completion signed by guarantors Mirka Marčeková and Jana Hubinská.

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