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Who we are

KROWN 왕관 is the first professionally led K-POP focused group in Slovakia. Its primary goal is to spread Korean dance culture through honored performances and shows, as well as by teaching choreographies or lecturing people on various topics related to the given culture. The best lectors from Slovakia and abroad will participate in the dance development and education of these future professional performers.

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Dance styles

The dance group is primarily focused on representing and spreading Korean culture, which means that you will primarily encounter K-POP as a dance style here. It is important to know that K-POP as such is composed and influenced by various styles, such as Hip-Hop, Afro, House, Reggeaton as well as Commercials. You can meet each of these styles in the group, as well as many others! Since the group is focused on Korean culture as a whole, you will not only dance to K-POP, but also K Hip-Hop, K-R&B and many more!


We train 3 times a week, while the trainings are focused on choreographing, teaching different dance styles, and one additional training will be focused on building formations for performances and creating a varied repertoire.


K-POP at events

As honored performers, we perform at various commercial events. Whether it is dance entrances and interviews on TV JOJ or Teleráno, events for the Korean Embassy and Samsung, or various dance and festival events. In addition to performing, we also spread Korean dance culture through movement workshops at international festivals such as Pohoda and Grape.


You can also encounter unforgettable shows at events organized by RDS Art Group, such as Summer Show or Christmas Show and many others. The aim of the group is to raise great performers and build on hidden talents and potential, as well as to provide the basics to dancers, thanks to which they can later get a foothold in the dance industry.


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In addition to exclusive training sessions with the group, our membership also offers free admission to any open class offered by RDS Art Group! There will also be workshops with great dancers from abroad, or special events, thanks to which you will get to know Korean culture even more closely!

Every year, you can also expect great dance events such as K-POP DAY (an all-day dance-educational event with workshops on Korean culture) or IDOL WEEK (a weekly dance event full of intensive K-Pop lessons). In addition to everything, many other special events await you with the lecturer Oleg, but you will also learn to create costumes, make-up and create choreography and experience the atmosphere of dance from all over Slovakia!



On the 24th of September, 2023 (Sunday), RDS Art Group will hold an audition for the Krown dance group, and absolutely anyone can come to the recruitment - maybe the group is looking specifically for you! The audition will consist of choreography, which the lecturer will teach on the spot, and then you will have a smaller choreography window, when you and a friend will create a short choreography to a song! Above all, no stress - the audition will be dominated by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as in every lesson! If you are interested in auditioning, send a registration email to krown@rdsartgroup.sk where you will send your full name and age!

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